A creative agency in the best of company

As a client of rcogm, you will benefit from anything you want of your advertising agency – and a lot more! We undertake packaging and communication work at all levels from strategy to concept and onwards to execution of the job with creativity and a sure hand.

The agency is staffed by experienced, specialised personnel covering all relevant skill areas. And if we do need other input, we can draw on our sister companies such as rcfoto, rcdigital, emballagebureauet and reprocentret. Together, we cover just about all the competences you need for all your advertising and communications, and as a bonus you get tight control.

Specialists in the retail market

rcogm has specialised in all facets of marketing to the retail market within FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) since 1999. We have been particularly strong within design and production of packaging and instore materials - and we doubt if you will find anyone with more experience and case histories within this field than us!.

Based on your product, set-up and strategy, we will supply innovative solutions, solid craftsmanship and eye-catching, functional designs all backed up by competent advice on the retail trade, consumer trends, buying patterns and quality instore concepts. The aim is to always ensure your product a strong position reflected by sales.

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