Guld og Sølv design, autumn 2014

A catalogue to bring out the real stars: Jewellery!

HP Schou

We have developed presentation materials for use when selling to Danish supermarkets.

Bahne Firmagaver 2014

Copper Madness was the theme of the annual inspirational magazine.

Aldi prospectus

Complete - and flexible - presentation of concept stores.

Vejle Boldklub share emission

VB held a major share emission in the spring of 2014 to bring in funds for the club.

A creative bureau in the best of company

Communications solutions from a well-planned strategy to concept and execution with the creative skills of the bureau - preferably working together with our sister companies.

Guld og Sølv design, spring 2014

The spring catalogue breaks with tradition with a new format and model sketches.

Royal Dansk Globe Tins

Packaging design for a range of flavours. Photos were also taken of a cake range.


Toms Classic Kakaomælk

New package design with 3D pack shots and inviting sales materials.

Them Ost

Overall corporate design for Them Ost for roll-out on a number of channels offline and online.

Royal Dansk Packaging

Packaging designs for several variants within Butter Cookies and other flavours.

Jesper Kongshøft Friis

Jesper Kongshøft Friis

Creative Director

Pernille Lysholm Hansen

Pernille Lysholm Hansen

Project Manager


Packaging designs for several variants within Butter Cookies and other flavours.

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